Vision & Mission


To be a centre of excellence in the provision of multidisciplinary and defence-related information and information services to the KDU community that best serves the teaching, learning and research while being within the defence and security fraternity.

We provide dynamic and quality user-centered library and information services that enhance teaching, learning and research while inculcating life-long information skills and fostering a knowledge culture within the KDU learning community. We acquire, organize, preserve and provide access to information materials using innovative technologies to deliver information and scholarly materials on an anywhere / any time basis and provide physical spaces for the learners with access facilities to discover knowledge outside the lecture rooms and the academic staff, graduate students and researchers to carry out their teaching and research in a constructive manner.
The Library acknowledges and is committed to the values that accommodate, academic freedom, honesty in service, accommodate user diversity, equity and transparency in transactions, ethical principles and professional integrity.

Vice Chancellor's Message

Library, General Sir John Kotelawala Defence University, is one of the new breed of Defence Libraries - responsive, dynamic, and innovative

I am extremely honored and greatly privileged to see the enormous development and continuous growth of the University Library with the state of the art facilities in line with the agreed strategic plans. Those precedents have clearly addressed the growing challenges what we are experiencing today.

KDU Library, being the only university library for Defence Studies in Sri Lanka, is very famous among the members of the tri-forces as well as alumni. Having understood, the timely requirements, the Librarian has taken new initiatives to build up strong national and international linkages. In addition, well experienced and supportive members of the staff have been able to give a better service in the process of collecting and disseminating scholarly publications and research.

I am also happy to say that our library staff members are dynamic, collaborative and innovative. They offer the required and reliable information accordingly to our students, lecturers, faculties, and others who frequently use the library for various prerequisites.

Finally, I would like to request from all of you to experience the novelty of the, General Sir John Kotelawala Defence University, library and wish the same be achieved the best rankings in the world.

Thank you.

Major General Milinda Peiris
RWP RSP VSV USP ndc psc MPhil (Ind)

About Us


General Sir John Kotelawala Defence University Library (KDUL) is the main student support services the University offer for the learning and advancement of knowledge of the KDU community.

The library supports students to achieve their learning goals and to make them learned professionals with higher graduate profiles. The library supports University to achieve its mission by providing dynamic and proactive information services. KDUL network is to provide a variety of resources in multiple formats which to enhance teaching, learning and research activities of the University.

The KDU Library network consists of the Main Library, Southern Campus Library, and two faculty libraries; the Library of Faculty of Medicine and the Faculty of Allied Health sciences. It caters to over 6000 members, including both students and staff.



The KDU is a unique university. Its teaching and learning behaviour, system of student nurturing, high level of discipline, and grooming the students for a multi task, productivity-based, high flown job market are some of the specialties of the ‘graduate profile’ of the KDU products. To complement these qualities and as the only defence university library in the country, KDU Library bears a specialty for the ownership of curriculum based resources and defence and security related information. The library provides access to a comprehensive resource collection in variety of formats which cover a wide range of academic disciplines taught at the University. It possesses rich collections of defence, security and strategic studies including military science & technology, war history, international political economy, case studies, biographies, maps, images etc.

Apart from the printed reading materials, the KDU library provides many e-resources and Research Databases which are accessible through the KDU library website. These databases are full-text resources (Journal articles, e-books etc.) and are highly useful for university coursework, projects, and research.

The Library provides special services to academic staff and research students, such as Inter-Library Loan Service (ILL), Document Delivery Service (DD Service), Provision of selected articles and other information upon request (SDI service), Subject Inquiry service for all users.

As a specialized service KDU Library provides User Education programs faculty wise and as free workshops. The programmes include Fresher orientations, Information discovery skills training, conducting literature surveys and avoiding plagiarism, writing systematic reviews, referencing management systems / etc.

The library also provides a service for checking plagiarism, similarity of text and content, in the research/project reports submitted by the students through a standards Plagiarism Checking software (Turn-It-In).