Library Collections

The KDU library bears a specialty for the ownership of defence and security related information sources, as the only national university in defence and strategic studies. The library provides access to a comprehensive collection in various formats such as printed books, e-books, audio visual materials and electronic databases, which cover a wide range of academic disciplines taught at the University. It possesses rich collections of defence, security and strategic studies including military science & technology, war history, international political economy, case studies, biographies, maps, images etc.

Access to E- Resources

Apart from the printed reading materials, the KDU library provides many e-resources and Research Databases which are accessible through the KDU library website. To access these, a user need a User Name and Password from the library which will be assigned through KDU e-mail. For more information, see the ‘e-resource brochure’ available at the library. These databases are full-text resources (Journal articles, e-books etc.) and are highly useful for university coursework, projects, and research. The e-Databases the KDU subscribed are;

  • Emerald
  • Hein Online
  • IEEE proceedings
  • Taylor & Francis

The users can access these e-resources from outside the university (remote access) via User Names and Passwords.

Borrowing Facilities

Borrowing facilities are available for the following user categories.

KDU Staff (Civil/Military)

Category Entitled Facilities (Borrowing and Extensions)
KDU Academic Staff (Civil/ Military)
9 books for 3 months (maximum 3 extensions, once for 1 month)
KDU Administrative Staff (Civil/ Military)
3 books for 1 month (maximum 2 extensions, once for 2 weeks)
Non-academic Staff (Civil)
Non-commissioned military officers
2 books for two weeks (maximum 2 extensions, Once for 2 weeks )
Category Reference facility Lending facility Entitled facilities
Cadets/Military officers (Internal Degree Programs)
Free of charge
3 books for 2 weeks (Extension, Once for 2 weeks only)
Day Scholars
Non-refundable deposit of Rs. 6000.00
3 books for 2 weeks (Extension, Once for 2 weeks only)
Post Graduate Students
Non-refundable deposit of Rs. 10,000.00
2 books for 01 month (Extension, Once for 2 weeks only)
Students register for Short Courses (only for local officers)
For 3 months - Rs.300.00
For 6 months - Rs.600.00
For 9 months - Rs.900.00
For 1 year -Rs.1000
Reference Facility Only
Foreign Officers
Free of charge
Refundable deposit of Rs. 2000.00 per card
2 books for 01 month (Extension, Once for 2 weeks only)
Institutional members
Free of charge
Free of charge
10 books for 01 month (Extension, Once for 2 weeks only)

Policy on Overdue Books

Books that are not returned on the due date will be categorized as overdue books. Fines will be calculated as given in the following table.

Fine rates applicable

User category Lending Overnight Reference
All KDU Staff (Civil/Military)
Rs. 10.00
Rs. 20.00
FGS Students
Rs. 10.00
Rs. 20.00


Officer Cadets and Day scholars
Rs. 5.00
Rs. 10.00
Commissioned officers
Rs. 5.00
Rs. 10.00
Foreign Diploma students
Rs. 10.00
Rs. 20.00

Book Reserving & Renewal Facility

Reserving Facility and Renewal Facility are available for any registered members of the library.

Reservation and renewal can be done;

At the circulation counter by providing KDU ID card.

By sending their request to the following e-mail address.

Special Services to Academic Staff and Research Students

- Inter-Library Loan Service (ILL)

- Document Delivery Service (DD Service)

- Provision of selected articles and other information upon request (SDI service)

- Subject Inquiry service for all users

Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC)

The Online Book Catalogue of the KDU library is the gateway to the information resources available at the KDU Library and the Library catalogue can be searched via the library website. It contains details of books and other materials available within the library with locating numbers.

You can access to OPAC using following link.

User Education Programs

The User education programs conducted by the library facilitate;

- Fresher orientations

- Information literacy

- User awareness about the library resources and services

- Propagate information literacy skills and information discovery skills

- Conducting literature surveys and avoiding plagiarism

- Referencing management systems and software

Document Delivery Service (DDS)

Provides access to journal articles or conference papers that are not available at the KDU Library but available from other universities and institutions in electronic format or as photocopies.

(Please contact your faculty Liaison Librarian to get this service)

Inter-Library Loan Service (ILL)

The books which are not available in the KDU library can be requested from other libraries through this service. The library will make arrangements to get the books for a period of two weeks if the requested book is available on loan in another university library in Sri Lanka. The inter-Library Loan request form is available on the Library Website. 

Similarity and Plagiarism checking service 

The library provides service for checking plagiarism similarity of text and content in the reports submitted by the students through a standards Plagiarism Checking software (Turn-It-In). The reports are accepted for this service only through the respective academic staff of the faculties.

The academic staff can request a user name and password for the software for their own similarity checking from their faculty liaison librarian.

Photocopying Facility

The library provides photocopying facilities for its readers at a concessionary rate as given below. Photocopies of library materials can be done at the library counter, subject to copyright rules.

Fine rates applicable

Pape Size Single Side Double sides
Rs. 5.00
Rs. 7.00

Access to British Council Digital Collection

Users can access the digital collections available at the British Council by scanning the QR codes at the digital wall available at the 2nd lobby of the main library.

Please get help from the library counter and follow the instructions given in the step-by-step guide provided in the brochure. The brochures can be obtained from the service counter.