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AI-Enhanced Research and Publications Strategy: leveraging Bibliometric Tools for Academic Success

On November 28th, 2023, the KDU Library, in collaboration with the Staff Development Center at KDU, conducted a highly successful workshop titled “AI-Enhanced Research and Publications Strategy: Leveraging Bibliometric Tools for Academic Success.” Prof. Rajan Balasubramani from the Department of Library & Information Sciences at Bharathidasan University in Tiruchirappalli, India, conducted the workshop and drew active participation from the participants. The workshop explored critical topics like effective learning analytics and Artificial Intelligence tools for scholarly journal navigation, identifying review points, recognizing impact factors, and distinguishing high-quality journals. The workshop also showcased the importance of understanding and using learning analytics and AI tools academic success and research communication within academia. Attendees were highly impressed by the insightful discussions and hands-on exploration of these tools and appreciated for arranging timely and forward-thinking workshop.

Prior to the workshop, Prof. Balasubramani paid a courtesy visit to Vice Chancellor of KDU, Rear Admiral HGU Dammika Kumara, VSV, USP, psc, MMaritimePol, BSc (DS) with the presence of Deputy Vice Chancellor (Defence and Administration), Brigadier DCA Wickramasinghe, USP USACGSC and discussed the significance of enhancement of knowledge in learning analytics in maintaining academic reputation.